About StrongBack®

StrongBack is a product of NIXUS International Corporation of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, U.S.A. NIXUS International is a world leader in the fields of enzyme enhanced oil recovery (EEOR), pipeline integrity and reinforcement, corrosion control engineering, and cathodic protection materials.

StrongBack® Tape

Strongback Tape

The StrongBack Composite Systems consist of just two (2) components, the GS epoxy load transfer/coating agent and the StrongBack Tape. The epoxy coating is applied over the damaged or corroded pipe surface. StrongBack tape is then wrapped over the epoxy, either circumferentially over itself or in a helical pattern if the repair length is extensive, curved or oddly shaped, to the predetermined number of plies. This combination of products transfers the hoop stresses from the damaged pipeline to the composite StrongBack sleeve.

Due to the StrongBack tape's preset malleability it is excellent for reinforcing elbows, bends and other odd shaped segments. The StrongBack Composite Systems can also be applied underwater by divers and in most cases without requiring an underwater habitat.

As a self-contained, resin-impregnated, water-activated wet lay-up wrapping system, the StrongBack can be a permanent, high strength alternative to metal Sleeves, welding and other mechanical repairs. Installation can be completed in minutes and without requiring any special tools. A high post-cure strength is achieved by the material's inherent strength, physical characteristics and a complete fit-up integrity and conformity between the reinforcing wrap and the pipe.

StrongBack GS-561 Epoxy

GS–154 was developed to be used in conjunction with the GS–561 epoxy and tape of the StrongBack composite pipe reinforcement system. This is a highly modified 5-minute cure type repair 2-part epoxy compound, formulated for strength and versatility under adverse field conditions. Applied to fill critical voids, reservoirs or as a fairing compound, it is intended for use prior to the overall application of the GS–561 epoxy coating and when a fast cure time is required.

GS–154 is tolerant of wet conditions and can, therefore, be used underwater or to repair wet, leaking pipes. It adheres strongly to steel, copper PVC, gel coat, galvanizing and most other engineering materials.


MasterWrap is a one-step, instant pipe repair system consisting of fiberglass tape impregnated with water-activated resin. This system has been specially formulated for low pressure pipe repair and reinforcement situations where the high strength and load transfer capabilities of the StrongBack® system are not required. Holding up to 500 PSI, MasterWrap's high adhesive and structural strength retains pressure on many line types. When cured, it functions at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. MasterWrap is odorless, non-combustible, and non-toxic. Application requires no mixing, no measuring, no cleanup, and no waiting.

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